We're a small team of Hong Kongers who really, really, really love tea. We believe that true tea is a beautiful thing. Just as it is, with nothing added. As you explore the infinite varieties of pure whole leaf tea, you may end up falling for its mesmerising flavours, just like we did.

There is no one right way to enjoy true tea. It can be an art, a ritual, a way of life, or simply a beverage. While we honour the traditions, ceremonies and intricacies associated with true tea, we also believe it can be an easy and enjoyable part of everyday life.

We invite you to discover the beauty of tea with us! 

Our teas

Small batch

We source prized teas in small batches from family farms in Taiwan, Japan, China and India.


Our teas are single origin whole leaf teas with nothing added.


Tea is beautiful. Everything we do is designed to highlight, share and celebrate that beauty.

Our selection criteria

Our selection criteria is simple: “teas we love”. We choose only the teas that excite us and remind us why we fell in love with tea in the first place. Some are famous classics, others are rare finds, and all are made with skill, patience and heart.


Our heroes

We have a close relationship with the farmers we source from and visit them often.

It never ceases to amaze us that many farms still produce tea entirely by hand, from picking to wilting, frying, rolling and roasting. So much skill and hard work goes into it that we feel it’s only right for the makers’ stories to be told. They are after all the true heroes of the tea world.


Our teaware

We believe that the vessel in which tea is served can change the tea-drinking experience completely. It has the ability to turn an otherwise routine task into an exquisitely enjoyable one.

We source our teaware directly from local craftsmen in China, Taiwan, and Japan. Each piece is as beautiful as it is functional; made to be used every day and still to last a lifetime.


Our design philosophy

Tea is a flavour journey that unfolds infusion by infusion, layer by layer.

To express this concept, we commissioned plant-dye artist Anna Cennamo to create a series of artwork using tea dyes. She captured the different qualities of each tea perfectly, with artwork resembling Chinese ink paintings that celebrate the beauty of impermanence in imageries of undulating mountains unfolding in the distant mist. As such, every piece of our packaging is as unique as the tea it contains.

Our founder

Nana Chan left the corporate world to start her own tea caféteakhain 2012, wanting to foster the feeling of togetherness over great tea and homemade cakes.teakhawas a hit from the get go, pioneering the modern tea experience in Hong Kong, and is still a thriving community hub today.

Having sparked an interest in tea in the community withteakha, Nana felt that a different space was needed, where people could learn to appreciate tea in its truest form. In 2017, Plantation by teakha was born with the mission to introduce the full spectrum of true tea to younger generations.

Growing up, afternoon tea was a big thing in our family. Teatime was the happiest time of the day, where the family always sat together, come rain or shine.

Nana Chan


Our teahouse

An oasis of serenity in the heart of Hong Kong.



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