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Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea is a partially-oxidized tea which undergoes the same treatment as black tea but for less time. It will produce a brown agate brew with a fragrant and rich taste.

    Fragrant and rich

    Brown agate

    ● ● ● ○ ○

    Organic tea garden in Nepal

    1300-1800 m

    Oolong Tea


    CERES certified

    No heavy metals and pesticide residues

    No added preservatives

    No added artificial colors

    Use Biodegradable tea bags

    Suitable for Vegan

    Support world fair trade

    Encourages weight loss

    Reduce the risk of cancer

    Promote heart health

    Maintain cholesterol levels


    Premium Organic Teas from The Garden in Himalayas of Nepal

    Mountain Queen carefully selected premium organic teas from the garden in Himalayas of Nepal at an altitude above 1,300 meters. All teas are 100% hand-plucked from the pollution-free and all-natural environment of the Himalayas which let our tea contains highest capacity of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals.

    Natural & Organic

    All teas are planted in natural and without pollution and not using any chemical fertilizers. There are no additives are added from planting to production, ensure locking all nutrients within tea leaves. Our teas are CERES certified and comply with EU, US and Japan organic standards.

    100% Hand-plucked

    Every single leaf is 100% plucked by hand, carefully plucking the freshest, softest, brightest and evenest tea leaves.

    Our Tea Farm Hero

    Nepal's alpine tea plantations are mostly small tea farmers, who work intensively here, follow the growth cycle of each tea plant, and dedicate their time, heart and soul, which has also become an important reason for the birth of high-quality tea leaves in small tea gardens. Mountain Queen respects the efforts of every tea farmer and supports the World Fair Trade Organization.

    Brewing Instructions


    Add 2 tsp leaves to a cup
    Pour 300 ml of 95°C water
    Brew for 3 minutes


    Add 2 tsp leaves to a bottle
    Pour 500 ml of room temperature water
    Infuse in the fridge for 8-10 hours


    Where can I find Mountain Queen products in HK?

    Please visit our website and we will have pop-up stores in different locations irregularly.

    What are biodegradable tea bags?

    Our biodegradable tea bags are made from corn fiber which are environment friendly, allows everyone to rest assured of good tea.

    What are the benefits of drinking tea every day?

    There are many health benefits have scientifically proven as tea contain flavonoids, theanine, vitamins and minerals that good for brain and cardiovascular health and more.

    Is galvanized tin safe for tea?

    Yes, it is safe for most foods and tea to be in contact with zinc. Most foods do not cause excessive corrosion of galvanized steel. The only restriction on the use of galvanized steel in contact with food arise if the food is acidic; acidic species are particularly aggressive to the corrosion of zinc coatings.


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