Journey of Tea

Explore the journey of our tea. Learn from Mountain Queen how your tea is made from the crop to cup.


The Mountain Queen premium organic teas are from the garden in Himalayas of Nepal at an altitude above 1,300 meters. All teas are plant at the pollution-free and all-natural environment of the Himalayas which let our tea contains highest capacity of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals.


Every single leaf is 100% plucked by hand, carefully plucking the freshest, softest, brightest and evenest tea leaves.


Reduces the leave water content to about 60%−70%. This is done by laying out the tea leaves in big troughs on a wire mesh. Air is then passed over them, gently drying them out. This takes between 12−17 hours.


Twists and breaks the leaves to release the natural juices. This action activates enzymes that help to initiate fermentation. Rolling also gives the leaves a curled appearance.


This process determines the tea’s color, taste and strength. Enzymes inside the leaves react with the air around them. Oxidizing green tea leaves to make white teas, oolong teas, gold teas and black gold teas.


To stop oxidation process by drying and reduces moisture content from oxidized tea, also adding some note to the tea.


Mountain Queen using the highest plucking standard of one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves. Select the wholeness leaves before packaging, to ensure the best quality is delivered to you.


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